Workout and Periods..

Well, this week has been crazy, and of course it is that time of the month again (and I need to workout). I know many women know exactly what I am talking about, think emotional roller coaster, crying over every little thing, cramps, and so much more. It is a horrible but beautiful time because without it there would be no new lives made. But damn, can a women get a break at all?

Most months at this time, I actually skip my work outs because my time of the month causes me to be beyond tired. I mean space out, body exhausted, don’t want to get out of bed, kind of exhausted. Add bloating and lower back aches to the week and who really feels motivated to work out?

This month I decided before all this started that no matter what, I was going to workout through it all. A week may not seem like too much time off but in reality it is.

I would say from my experience just do it. May seem crazy and unrealistic but after I worked out each day, I felt that much better.

My cramps seemed to fade somewhat each day after, maybe due to some stretching as well. I am not expert on any of this. I am just giving you my personal experience and how I really feel. Working out while bleeding, cramping, and feeling bloating is not easy. I am not saying it is.

My thoughts are something like this “What am I doing to myself?” “I can do this….. or not” “Why the hell am I doing this” “Dammit, I am going to do this”

And so on and on….

All I can say ladies is just do it. There isn’t much more to it. It isn’t easy or fun even but you will feel better. The bloating feels less because you know you did something and last but not least you back aches are less because you stretched out.

I love working out and just feeling my energy soar each week. My fitness is for how I feel inside and outside. It is also my stress reducer when life isn’t going perfect. It allows my mind to just focus in on the activity I am doing.

Ladies, just try it out and see. Working out helps me but I am not saying it will help everyone because who knows, it may be different for someone else, but just try it. If not a full fledged workout then just stretch. You will thank yourself later.

Anyways, just my opinion on working out and that time of the month. (Sorry no pictures this time, but for sure next week. and all pictures I use unless I link them from a website will be done by me)…

Until next time,