Weekly Thoughts

Weekly Thoughts

Well, here are my weekly thoughts all in a nutshell: Starting off I am a little stressed and discouraged this week… Bills upon bills, laziness, and decision making. All three of these have had such a negative impact on my week because each one just keeps piling up and sometimes it makes me want to scream.

I am going to be honest life is tough right now. and I really do want to scream so loud sometimes.

But all I got to really do is Breathe.. Just Breathe…

(Big Breathe)

(And just one more for that little extra)

Okay, now it is time to start thinking about what was good last week. I paid most of my bills, had some laughs with my S.O., hung out with my family, and started this blog.

Life may be tough and stressful right now but it is all about staying upbeat and seeing the positive in it all.

I keep thinking was this blog a waste of my money? Will I see the return I am shooting for?

But now it is about stepping back and just putting in all your effort to make those goals come true. Nothing ever happens over night for someone. It is about pushing yourself beyond your comfort.

Be Positive

Work Hard

Keep Pushing forward

Set Goals and Strive for them

Give it all and

Be Yourself!

My thoughts may be all over the place but I do realize I just need to reel it all in and FOCUS myself and start making a map to where I want to be in the next 5, 10, and 20 years.

I set my goals in different ways; sometimes it is SMART goals, Vision boards, just a short list, and more. These help me to visualize, read, and adjust as needed. But believe me those goals sometimes feel disappointing because you don’t hit them when you want too but that doesn’t mean get up. That means keep striving but go for it in another way because the first way didn’t work. Goals can be adjusted and met in whatever way is necessary.

I just want to say I hope you all have a wonderful week coming up and you have goals that you keep on pushing for no matter how long you have been striving for them. Every dream is possible if you believe in yourself to get there.

Anyways, my thoughts are done for now. There is always so much more that goes through my mind but I will leave it at that and this beautiful flower photo.

Until next time,