Water, Water, Water

Well today's post shouldn't be to hard to figure out the subject… Water. A vital need for our bodies but also, for me anyways, can be one of the hardest to get my daily amount.
I am doing wonderful now but before I got the habit down, I would drink barely any. I hated that it didn't have taste, just was kind of boring. I tried adding fruit and other things like Mio (which helped the best). But I still couldn't get the habit to stick.
It started off the beginning of the year, sort of a New Years resolution that I would become an avid water drinker. I started off with a couple cups everyday. Then slowly but surely I got up to around a gallon or so a day. That may seem like a lot but according to this article Water: how much should you be drinking? By the Mayo Clinic, women need about 2.2 liters everyday.
I may be drinking over that but man, do I feel the difference and see the difference when I do.
From what I remember, drinking too much can cause issues and flush out important nutrients. But drinking the amount you need helps your body to function well.
Just think, pee is water, sweat is water. Those normal bodily functions are subtracting from you.
Once I became consistent I saw a change in my energy, fresher face, and less bloating. I know everyone is different but everyone needs water.

My tips for starting are:

  1. Don't stop
  2. Keep consistent
  3. Start small and increase
  4. Use a water bottle and just keep refilling it
  5. Add fruit or flavoring to add interest

One bad side to all the water is you may see an increase in using the restroom but that is a small issue when you think about what you get overall.
I hope you challenge yourself to drinking water and good luck.

Until next time,