Weekly Thoughts

Honest Thoughts from a 23 year old…

Sitting around my house I begin to wander, thinking what is my purpose? Where is my inspirations in life, And what am I meant to do?
I mean, I am 23 years old and no set goals on what's next. This may seem sad but I feel like many struggle from this. It feels like an affliction, a slow burning ache inside me.
But see, I have thought so many times about why I feel this way. Why I haven't found that passion that keeps me moving. I could write many excuses or place blame on others but that isn't really what holds me back. Let's just say it isn't a big secret what it is….


I am writing this post because I need to get it out of me.
I gave up on so many hobbies before they could become more. Things I enjoyed but didn't pursue because I didn't believe in myself.

Something that you think would be so simple but is really so hard… believing in one's self.

What a sad note this has started. But I am being honest. But there is a lighter side to all my talk.
I may not fully believe in my own abilities, I may not have found that passion yet but I am fighting my own negativity to be better.
Working on myself isn't always easy but I push myself to be better. To find that passion.
Never doubt oneself and your ability to move forward even when you feel like you can't.
Some people find their passions young and very quickly. But there are those that struggle to develop into something more.

Keep pushing yourself, keep trying new things, and keep living your life as much as you can.

I tell myself this every day while pushing myself to do my best.
I believe everyone deserves to do what they love and what they are passionate about no matter when they discover it.

So just three things I try to do:
1. Believe
2. Dream
3. Discover

I believe in everyone of you out there reading this. I believe you all will find your passion, your lust in life, and what drives you. I believe in you but know you must believe in yourself as well. Otherwise life won't change where you want it to go.

Love yourselves and keep pushing for your passions.

Until next time,