Confidence is Key

It has been a minute since I have been on here and that is all my fault. I have been going through some personal things that have caused me to step away. I know that that is really not the way to go and this should be an output for my problems. A release from thinking about other moments in my life. One word for today’s post: CONFIDENCE!

Today I have been thinking about my confidence in life. I have never had a strong inner confidence about myself. There always seemed to be some struggle, a weakness, I would start focusing on and that just caused my mind to start flowing with excuses here and there. Not really finding and figuring out my strengths that I do have. So that is why I called this post Confidence is Key.

Believing in oneself is what gets a person through life.  I am not anywhere where I expected to be at 23. I haven’t met my goals, I am not as in shape like I thought, I am living pay check to pay check.

When I sit back and look at why? I see a scared young woman who doesn’t trust her instincts or as no confidence in herself. But why is that?

Looking around at what influences young women growing up through middle school and high school, I see celebrities, diet fads, and perfection beyond the normal in all kinds of media. I know that is how they are too look like to enhance the brand they are selling.

That was when I was growing up. It may not seem like to long ago but so much has changed in the way people are portrayed now days

There has been so many strides in the beauty world, modeling world, and social media worlds. There are amazing body positive women out there fighting to change how beauty is seen. Top of my head comes Ashley Graham, Tyra Banks, Winnie Harlow, and so many more. These woman are changing how beauty is portrayed.

But besides those women, there are less noticed women pushing their confidence and beauty on blogs, social media, and other places that we may not see everyday. Women are starting to embrace their curves, their imperfections, and their natural beauty.

I believe this type of body positivism is what is allowing younger women to embrace themselves and grow up with less insecurities and more confidence.

Confidence is, in my definition, believing in oneself with every ounce of their being, loving and embracing how one looks and feels, and being able to trust oneself no matter what.

Here are a few blogs on confidence that I found that talk about self-confidence that I have read:




There are so many more out there that you can find. These are just 3 out of many.

Besides blogs there are thousands of quotes out there to inspire you. The one below is just an example. Below that is a link to a pin on my Pinterest that goes to website with some great quotes.

“Nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” ~Sophia Loren



Anyways, I hope this post was somewhat inspiring and that you are confident in yourself, or just talking strides to be more confident in yourself. I am still taking steps to be more confident in my own self and it is all small steps to be better in life.
Good luck everyone and go make your confidence grow!
Until next time,