Breaking Lazy Day Thoughts

Well post number 2 is here. (going to start out short and sweet with my blogs)

I hope all is well out and around. I started thinking what can I write about today. And my lazy mentality after work gave me inspiration. My way of breaking out of my thoughts is to exercise. And I am, by no means, a fitness pro or any where near amazing at doing what I do. But it helps me to relax after a long day and just escape to a different place. I try to do something 5 times a week to be consistent but some days I am just like “ugh.”

My mind was all blah, my body was all blah, and my motivation was all kinds of blah. Thinking back to why I started feeling this was and it was that I had gained the lovely freshman 15 or so they say and really never let it go again. I wasn’t happy with where I had gotten myself. It is all a mentality game for me because I knew I was still beautiful and should’ve been confident; but I wasn’t…

Well after many ups and downs through the years trying to get down a routine, to get back into fitness, and to just get back into the moment, I started to think about, what where ways to break the lazy day thoughts running through my head? The thoughts like “I will do it tomorrow..” or “There is always time..” I knew these were all just excuses holding me back from living better. So below I am going to give my list of thoughts and ways to break out of the lazy day blues.

  1. Think about where you want to be
  2. Put on some music REALLY, REALLY loud
  3. Start dancing (No matter how bad you may be)
  4. Be creative
  5. Mix up your workout routine (just to name a few below)
    1. Cardio
    2. Dancing
    3. Yoga
    4. HIIT
  6. Find a workout buddy
  7. Take a pic and push to see result in the next few months
  8. Make a goal and reward yourself when you meet it
  9. Take a power nap (think 20 minutes) ((Not joking, definitely helps boost your energy)
  10. Just do it (you will thank yourself later)

These are 10 ideas I tell myself to do or think about when that sluggishness wants to take over. Not everyone is the same, some people may need a bigger push than others and some may need more excitement than others. I know it isn’t easy and I am still working everyday to be better. I am pretty consistent now but thinking back, it all was to get me started to where I am now. Each day matters and every moment matters because it all prepares you for what is to come.

Start small is my last advice to break the laziness. I didn’t start doing 5 days a week, it was more like 2-3. I didn’t even want to do a 20 min work out because I was allowing my thoughts to overpower what I knew I needed to do. It has been a slow progression but seeing how much strength I have now, how much energy, and how much more I can push myself each time makes me want to keep achieving more. Fitness isn’t easy but you can make it has simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

So I say break out of the lazy days and stat transforming your life into one with more energy, more life, and more confidence.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to start the next!


Until next time,